Journey of the Writer’s Heart

Craft tips, encouragement, and testimonials from other emerging authors.

Inserting Soul

Inserting Soul in Fiction

Crafting a great story is like writing a violin concerto. Okay, bear with me. A concerto highlights one instrument in a three-act format that allows

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Chesterton, the Corgi

Chesterton, the Corgi, was a happy dog. He spent days lounging in the cool grass with his very short legs lifted to the sun. Nothing

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Bear Cub

Think determined bear cub Muscles strain in sturdy thighs Climbing high back stool Without bars Without holds To the top To the bounty To the

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A Stage At the River

  One night in 2009 on Britain’s Got Talent, a little woman walked on stage, hairy eyebrows and a saucy attitude. Nervous, she struggled to

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